a helpful checklist for items you may need to bring with for your trip

Hunting Equipment & Clothing

Hunting in the Eastern Cape varies from Plains to Mountains this leads to a great variety in shot distances; therefore we recommend a rifle in the 30 calibre range. Make sure to remember your rifle sling. Premium grade bullets are strongly recommended for your plains game safari. A hard case which has a locking device is essential while travelling and a soft case for while hunting is useful.

A pair of good quality binoculars are necessary as a lot of time is spent “Glassing” for game. A quality camera with extra batteries is a must, so that quality pictures of your trophy can be taken.

Although not necessary, a gun cleaning kit will always find a use. Don’t forget your hunting knife, it has hunted with you everywhere, add an African Hunt to its memories.
The hunting months in Eastern Cape are generally in our cooler months (April through September). The climate varies considerably from day to day so layering is the best option. A warm hunting jacket is also a must. Camouflage print is not essential however any of your more drab colours, greens, browns and greys are essential. Khaki is not the ideal for the valley bushveld where most of the hunting will take place. Long pants and shirts, good socks and boots with a light weight sweater will serve you well. Laundry service is provided daily.

Fishing Equipment & Clothing

The spots where the fishing will take place is on the Coast and in the Southern Drakensburg, these will be two extremes. Up in the mountains is described as four seasons in a day, so a rainsuit, sunglasses a wide brim hat and waders are essential. The evenings can be cold so winter wear is essential.

Fishing rods are available for both fly and Rock and Surf fishing, however if you would like to bring your own the following will be sufficient; A 2 to 5 weight fly rod with floating line, a spare spool of sinking line and a 2X and 4X leader.

Some of the fly fishing will be done in dams up in the mountains where large fish could be taken. It would be essential then that a 5 weight and up is available. An 8 weight salt water set up can be brought along for estuary fly fishing. For Rock and surf a 10 to 14 foot surf fishing rod with a matching reel will be good.

Fishing along the coast, the weather can vary, however expect sunny days and pack accordingly. Long sleeve quick dry shirts, hats, pants all for protection from the sun.
Don't forget to see the regulations for trophy exporting

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