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The Eastern Cape is blessed with large game populations that are constantly growing in number. The exquisite hunting terrain, from rugged mountains and thickly bushed valleys, to long stretches of open grassland plains, offers a challenging African hunt for the inexperienced or professional hunter alike.

Best suited to “spot and stalk” or “walk and stalk” rifle hunting, the additional opportunity to bow hunt is available. Bow hunting is mainly done in well constructed blinds, but as most of our hunting is done in the dryer months, the option to walk and stalk is available. Hotfire’s game management plan, with conservation as the main outcome, ensures that the game is in prime condition. Our dry and cool season coincides with the main hunting season (April to October) which provides comfortable hunting conditions.
Trophy Hunting
The prolific Eastern Cape wildlife environment, coupled with a responsible game management plan, ensure that great trophy specimens are hunted every year. Hunting is conducted in an efficient and ethical manner and the large variety of prime condition species makes trophy hunting with Hotfire a truly memorable experience. Using well trained trackers and skinners, your trophy will be cared for and correctly handled. Your PH will offer you as much advice as you deem necessary to be certain in your animal selection. All PHs used by Hotfire are qualified and where possible a member of PHASA, our national professional hunters association.
Cull Hunting
With our management plan, there are opportunities for management (cull) hunting. These hunts are very important as they keep the biodiversity and animal populations in harmony with the land. Combined Cull and Trophy packages are available.
Family Hunts
Nestled away from all the usual distractions of everyday life, Hotfire provides an environment which is perfect for the whole family. We encourage hunting couples and families. Hotfire Safaris has had the honour of giving young hunters the opportunity to experience the taking of their first animal, which gives us such pride and pleasure. In order to encourage this we offer “Father and Son” hunts (Mother and Son or Father and Daughter), which proves to be an experience that builds a lifelong memory for all to savour.
The Eastern Cape is home to an astonishing number of game species. One attraction for hunters to the East Cape is the access to the spiral horned antelope, namely the East Cape Kudu, Cape Eland, Cape Bushbuck and Nyala. The East Cape boasts a large list of endemic and indigenous species which are difficult to find elsewhere, these include the Southern Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebok, Black Wildebeest and Bontebok which are in abundance and offer great trophy quality animals each year. Other species of importance are the Springbok (common, black and white), Blue Wildebeest and Plains Zebra. Access to some of the small antelope species, Blue and Grey Duiker and Cape Grysbok are another draw for hunting in the Eastern Cape.
The opportunity to hunt a wide assortment of bird species exists in the Eastern Cape. Hotfire Safaris is able to arrange wing shoots over dogs as well as other bird hunts such as, pigeons over maize fields. These hunts are to be booked well in advance through Hotfire Safaris. Bird species include the Egyptian Goose, various Pigeon and Dove species, guinea fowl and various types of Pheasant.
Extended hunting packages
Please enquire about extended hunting packages. These will be custom packages to meet all your safari needs.
Hunting in neighbouring states
Hotfire Safaris, working closely with other outfits are able to offer hunting and fishing adventures to out of province/country destinations in Southern Africa. As these are custom packages, a list of species and destinations are required so as too design your preferred hunting package. Quotes for these require a few days once your itinerary has been finalised.


The Eastern Cape is able to provied the most thrilling and memorable fishing experiences in its vast variety of waters.
Fresh Water
Hotfire has access to a large amount of private, fresh waters. The large and beautiful Swart Kei River, to the crystal mountain streams of the “Southern Drakensburg”, offer anglers to practise their craft in some of the most spectacular settings. Fishing conditions are good year round; however some of the rivers can become unfishable for a short time after heavy rains. Alternative fishing spots in dams and lakes are then utilised. The rivers and dams offer an excellent diversity of species for anglers to pursue while on safari. Fish species include; Yellowfish, Rainbow and Brown Trout, and Bass. Out of province/country fishing trips for tigerfish and various bream species can be arranged by Hotfire Hunting and Fishing Safaris.

Fly fishing, bait fishing and spinning are all productive and fishing tackle and equipment can be provided. A policy of catch and release is preferred however certain species can be kept for the pan.
Salt Water
- Rock and Surf

Fishing in South Africa is an experience which anglers don’t easily forget. Hotfire is an easy two hour drive from the beautiful south-eastern coastline of South Africa, called the Wild Coast. This rugged coastline offers fantastic opportunities for rock, surf and estuary fishing. Utilising the services of experienced guides, guests are able to fish some of the most remote estuaries and beaches along this truly unique stretch of coast line. Species include Grunter, Garrick and Sharks. Combined Hunting and Fishing Packages are available.

- Deep Sea

All boat fishing trips will be handled by charters and will be arranged with prior notification. Combined Hunting and Fishing Packages are available.


There are a number of fun activities to enjoy other than hunting and fishing.
Game Viewing
Southern Africa is home to some of the most spectacular National Game Parks in Africa. Added to a hunt a tour of some of these magnificent attractions will give you the opportunity to photograph and see animals in an environment where the fear of humans has been lost. Elephants in the Addo Elephant National Park are a success story that began with a big game hunters desire to protect this isolated gene pool of the Eastern Cape. Other great game viewing areas can be found outside of the Eastern Cape and Hotfire Safaris are able to offer you tours of the surrounding provinces and neighbouring countries.
Hotfire offers the client the opportunity to take tours of Southern Africa prior to or upon completion of your hunt.
The wide range of habitats on the Hotfire properties and adjacent farms results in a large variety of birdlife. More rare sightings include ground hornbills, grey headed Bushshrike and orange breasted Bushshrike. The current bird list for the Hotfire ranch includes 86 species with the potential to add many more species.
Spa Treatments
Hotfire Safaris are able to offer the client day trips to a Spa.

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