Fishing Adventures

That perfect calm morning, low cloud reflecting off the water surface, sun just starting to peak through, anticipation building, and then your fly line straightens and takes off.....

Hotfire Safaris can offer a unique fishing experience as part of a Hotfire hunting adventure or as a separate fishing only adventure.

  • The magic of the Eastern Cape, unlike the other hunting locations, is that we have a variety of fish species and localities. There is always something to fish for, no matter the season. Attractions include the challenge of working your way up small, secluded streams in forested mountains in search of wild run Rainbow trout or drifting in beautiful dams for Rainbow and Brown trout. Or scenic Rock and Surf salt water fishing for Kob and Muscle Crackers or deep sea charters to catch monster Red Steenbras and other reef fish.

Hotfire Safaris can also plan a range of fly or conventional fishing safaris further afield, such as Tiger Fishing in the Okavango Delta or Large and Small Mouth Yellowfish in the Orange River.

  • We at Hotfire will liaise with you and plan your personalized fishing adventure, be it a day or two added on to your hunting or touring adventure, or a specialized fishing trip. We will help you plan all your tackle, clothing and other requirements so that you have nothing to worry about except the challenge of hooking, landing and releasing your fish.


Deep Sea Charter Adventure

  • $980

    minimum for boat, 1 person

Rock & Surf

  • $180

    Per Person Per Day

Fly Fishing for Trout

  • $90

    Per Person Per Day

Fly Fishing Eastern Cape

  • $2850

    5 Days Per Person

Specialized Fishing Trips

  • $5 500

    Per Person
    Drift fish down river for Large and Small mouth Yellow Fish. 5 days 6 nights.
    March, September to November

Tiger Fishing on the Mighty Zambezi

  • $5 500

    4 full days and two half days.
Don't forget to see the checklist for items you may need to bring with for your trip!

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