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  • Hotfire Safaris has its home base and camp situated on our privately owned reserve. Boasting a stunning mix of rugged mountains and thick bushed valleys. The northern boundary of the reserve is a 12 km section of the Black Kei River.

    The reserve is interspersed with flatter sections with scattered bush and grassland which lends itself to incredible spot, walk and stalk hunting for our iconic East Cape Kudu and Nyala, which thrive in this environment. Other species in the area include Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Warthog, Plains Zebra, Grey Duiker, Waterbuck and Eland.

    An experience second to none awaits the discerning hunter.


  • Location Location... As with many other other epic opportunities Hotfire Safaris is fortunate to be located in an area where we are able to hunt many species in their natural habitats.

    Hotfire Safaris has a great area where we hunt the following species; Lynx, Blue Duiker, Cape Bushbuck, Oribi and Bontebok. These hunts normally involves a few hours’ drive down to our awesome accommodations on the coast where we will be based for approximately 4 days of the hunt to ensure enough time to successfully attain the species wanted.

    This normally plays out as follows; up early the first morning there, heading out into the stunning coastal bush trying to catch a Cape Bushbuck feeding in the grassy glades amongst the bush. We are constantly paying close attention to the radio which is in comms with the two dog handlers running the two dog packs for Lynx. We continue hunting until the call comes through that the dogs have taken a good scent. At that moment we drop what we are doing and race off to get involved in the chase of the lynx, hoping to tree it, then sneaking through the barrage of howling hounds to get a shot at the cat.

    The Blue Duiker hunt which is on a limited permit basis and needs to be booked well in advance is also a dog affair; dog affair; the hunter gets setup on a cutline in the dense coastal thicket and a pair of dogs move through the thick underbrush. With a sudden flash of blue colour shooting out across the clearing which you swing on with a shotgun and try bag one of the smallest antelope on the planet. This gives an idea of the excitement that ensues over the 4 days or so of hunting. An added bonus of this area is we are located in the perfect spot, weather dependant to add a day of deep-sea fishing to the trip too.


  • As with our Coastal Adventure, we are well situated at Hotfire that within an hour and a bit drive north, we are into spectacular wild mountains (the real Southern
    Drakensburg), where we hunt Southern Mountain Reedbuck, Vaal Rhebok and Audad (Barbary Sheep).

    These species need a trained eye to spot at long distances and a very good tactical plan to stalk them unseen. These species are cunning and exceptionally
    alert to any changes in their environment. The alpine area with little to no timber or cover requires good stalking ability as well constant adjustment to the plan.

    This is normally a minimum 4 days for this adventure and the added bonus is that there is exceptional seasonal Grey Wing shooting to be had. The biggest bonus is for the discerning fly fisher, who will have the opportunity to fish for Rainbow and Brown Trout on stunning mountain streams that have no fishing pressure on them.


  • Hotfire Safaris enjoys hunting species in their natural habitats and hence we offer a unique experience in the Karoo. We have a stunning, huge area in the Karoo a few hours west of us where we hunt the vast plains and undulating hills. The hunt is based at a lovely stone lodge, which adds to the authenticity of the Karoo adventure.

    We hunt species such as Gemsbok (Oryx), Black Wildebeest, Springbok, blesbok, Red Hartebeest and Eland (plus some additional extra limital species that are thriving in this environment).

    A vast Landscape with not a human vestige is truly something to behold.


  • Hotfire Safaris has great experience in hunting in other African countries for varying species that we do not get in and around our area. We plan incredible adventures into areas such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia for a completely unique hunting experience for species such as elephant, lion, leopard, hippo, crocodile and a whole host of other species that occur in those areas. These trips seem to be with our repeat clients who trust us after their initial hunt/s and once they have hunted what they want in our areas. This bears testament to their faith in us taking them to a destination that will suit their needs and abilities and still holds to our standards of ethical hunting.


  • Deposit is 50% of daily rate including Government Tax (VAT @ 15%). Remaining 50% of the daily rate, including Government Tax
    (VAT @ 15%) is payable before arrival.
  • All Trophy Fees are payable on completion of safari.
  • Cancellations received 120 days prior to commencement of safari will be refunded the full deposit, less bank charges.
  • Cancellations received thereafter shall forfeit the deposit unless it is transferred to an alternate hunting date. If alternate hunt is
    cancelled, deposit shall be forfeited.
  • Payment options include the following: Bank Transfer, Cash, Bank Draft or Credit Card (3.8% fee charged).
  • All prices quoted in $US.

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